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Fighting terrorism from where you are

Dear ones, this morning I, too, am torn, deeply sad and sorry and worried, reaching out to friends to know they’re safe, aware of refugees without power or defense.   How do I live, what do I do today, half a world away?

When we are committed to being sustainable human beings, we recognize right away that events like these in Paris fall squarely in the area of outflow from our own resources as grief and uncertainty take their toll. They need, each time, to be balanced as we determinedly refill ourselves to our full forces so that we can face every hard and beautiful thing that comes, and take the steps to make a difference.  This is true responsibility.  We fill ourselves, then we build.

Feel into yourself, understand where you are this morning, then feel into what you will make today, create today as.   Make real things, make real connection, be with creatures.  Give and open and create and tend and receive.   Recognize it will be easier for us to lash out today at small things and choose differently.  Know there are families whose lives will never now be the same, and hold them.  Choose and re-choose stubborn empathy today in all things.  This is leadership by being.

Let the way you live your day and your life be the counterweight to efforts toward annihilation in all ways, large and small.  Life as counter-terrorism.  Honoring.

And collect things to give yourselves in moments when you just need to climb inside.  You can start here.  And here.  Then come back out and give yourself to the world.

What will you do?  Tell us here.  And share.

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