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Lorca Smetana

Professional Services

"An organization is an ecosystem, where every element shifts overall health. In an era of rapid change, the intelligent leader designs for flexibility, resilience, and innovation, both of structure and in people. In executive coaching and corporate retreats & training, I work with both parts so that they support each other. Within a unique mental framework, hidden areas of fragility are made visible and foster a culture of resilience design awareness and action.


Resilient people consistently exhibit natural leadership qualities.

Self-leadership can be felt in any level of an organization, in streamlined thinking and in expansive communication skills that minimize the delay of difficult decisions and conversations. In a nutshell, I help people feel clear, then stronger, then safe, then creative. In all this work, we decrease the fragility of an organization under stress."


Companies experiencing unexpected rapid growth, adapting to significant change or working through staffing struggles benefit from working with me.

I am pleased to provide a limited number of engagements for Executive Coaching, Corporate Retreats, and Programming for Educational Institutions. Please inquire below for availability.

Developing Meaningful Communication

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Strengthening Company Culture

Building Effective


Lorca Smetana is an expert in resilience thinking and post-traumatic growth -- a gifted speaker, experienced resilience coach and mentor who helps students and professionals in high-stress lives short-circuit burnout, expand resilience skills and grow as survivors into leaders.

Lorca Smetana

Lorca Smetana is a thoughtful, insightful, and patient facilitator of resilience training. She listens very carefully and asks the right questions to stimulate participants’ thinking about their own stories, identity, and path."

- Alison Harmon, Interim Vice President of Research & Economic Development, Montana State University

Professional Training Services

  • Burnout Prevention and Recovery

  • Active Resilience Mapping

  • Feeding Natural Leadership

  • Building from Tragedy

  • Cultivating a Vibrant Corporate Culture

  • Improving Communication

  • Designing a Culture of Innovation

  • Real Self Compassion and Self Care

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Work with Lorca

Email Lorca or schedule a call to connect about speaking engagements.

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