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Lorca loves to share her perspective as an experienced resilience coach on resilience with podcasters, at speaking engagements and more. Explore some of Lorca's favourites below.

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Magic in the Room Podcast - Lorca Smetana

Magic in the Room Podcast

In this episode of Magic in the Room, Hannah, Luke and Lorca discuss the connection between resilience and wellbeing. 

Lorca_WildTracks Podcast.png

Lorca joined Casey and Vanessa as they explored the world of resilience, joy and grief in Nature.

Lorca sits down with Kristen Rainey of Northstar Sleep School for a discussion about resilience -- lots of laughing.

Northstar Sleep School
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Lorca discusses resilience with Luke Freeman & Hannah Bratterud on the Magic in the Room podcast.

Lorca joins Kathy Karlo within the deep humanity of the For the Love of Climbing Podcast.

For the Love of Climbing.png

reveleleven - Inviting Joy In: Creating Habitat for Joy, with Lorca Smetana

Permaculture & Resilience - Ways to Build a More Resilient Life

Supporting Mental Health After a Major Outdoor Accident  

Click the link below to read Lorca's latest contribution to Viristar's article regarding Supporting Mental Health After a Major Outdoor Incident.



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