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Lorca Smetana

The Being-With Project

The Being-With Project is an umbrella for a series of projects, games, and experiences that expand our capacity and bandwidth for compassion and radically invite us into connection and freedom.  Being-with is mental, emotional and somatic, a pragmatic muscle we use and strengthen.  It informs and deepens every relationship we will ever be in.  We be with others, with emotions that come, with situations, and systems.  Then, beloveds, we respond more than react, and our actions are both more natural and usually wiser.   This space is dedicated to ways we can grow and what grows from there.  


Be with, first, with compassion and curiosity.  Then move forward.  This is bravery and this is clarity, and this is love. 

"Our capacity to stay even briefly with change, mystery and discomfort is the heart of our ability to love and to innovate.  This is about teaching people to be human in resilience - to be beautifully human, beautifully, persistently resilient and able to give to what we love. You can’t be regeneratively resilient if you aren’t connected to your humanity.  So we start here, feeding both the nervous system and the heart."

Lorca Smetana

The Human Gaze Project

The Human Gaze Project exists in cooperation with the Bozeman Public Library, though not only there.  At this library, on Sundays between 1 and 3 p.m., it is possible to check out a human gaze.  You take a seat opposite me.  You sit in silence for 90 seconds, holding the gaze of another human.  You notice and allow anything that comes.  

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