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Kate Rutherford

Kate Rutherford, Patagonia Rock Climbing Ambassador, Co-founder, President & Director, Farm to Crag

“Lorca traces the contours of our lives and helps us recognize the beauty of the deep canyons, the power of how to run fleet footed with the fears for a moment, and then the way to take the strength from running and offer it to our communities as a gift. Our leadership is needed, now more than ever, and Lorca floats the tools we need to to surface so that our work becomes effortless.”

Gennifre Hartman

Gennifre Hartman, Founder, The Traveling School & Head of School, Headwaters Academy

“Lorca is remarkable in her ability to work with educators to create a dynamic where they feel safe working with each other and within themselves. Because teachers can often give themselves to the point where they leave their profession, she trained our staffs in understanding how caring for themselves is caring for their careers.”

Alison Harmon

Alison Harmon, Interim Vice President of Research & Economic Development, Montana State University

"Lorca Smetana is a thoughtful, insightful, and patient facilitator of resilience training. She listens very carefully and asks the right questions to stimulate participants’ thinking about their own stories, identity, and path."

Lorca is honored to have worked with the incredible people in these testimonials. Whether it be depression and burnout treatment, executive and leadership coaching or a gentle guide to help you on your best path forward, Lorca is there to help.

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