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Lorca Smetana Celebrant
Lorca Smetana Celebrant


Some of the most important events of our life are the ones that we also have little experience in creating, whether it's beautifully joining two lives together, or saying goodbye to a loved one.   Choosing Lorca as your celebrant brings grounding and structure, inspiration and serenity, allowing you to keep your focus on the reason you are there.

From the simplest through the most extravagant, Lorca will help you determine what is truly important, and then how all the pieces can come together with both grace and sanity.  As a singer, writer, poet, experienced resilience coach and the keeper of a great flock of white doves, Lorca brings many beautiful elements into what you finally create.

Lorca Smetana Celebrant

Client Love

Weddings --

"You helped us to breathe all the way through."

 "Visionary conversations. Humanity. Strength."


"Your voice, your stories, your depth, and presence, kindness, calmness, gratitude, and generosity of spirit..."

Dove Releases --

“Magic.  Just magic.”

“So worth it. You are such a beautiful speaker and your partnership with your birds is wonderful.”

“It’s years later and people still talk to me about the doves flying at the ceremony.”

“We received a lot of compliments on your behalf.  It was an amazing thing to have you and your birds at our wedding.  Thank you again.”

"You have no idea what happened inside me when I let that bird go.  Thank you." - Widower

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