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WRMC 2023


As promised, I have for you here the recording of my talk on the arc of resilience, along with the invitation into my library of resilience games.

Saying yes to Portland and WRMC cracked me further open again, as a crab outgrows its latest shell.  It felt a little like healing and a lot like excitement, and a bit like fear.  Trust, too.  A candy store for my brain and my heart, and a playground for all the emotions.  It was extraordinary.  You are extraordinary.  I am grateful for all of you and so glad I came.  

Resilience, like every form of energy, is to be harvested and used against future need.  I am an ecosystem that holds hard things.  You are too.  And I can (and do) make myself into a biologist of joy.  An epicenter of resilience.  You can feel it.  You can hold yourself as one too.   It's the most splendid game there is.  


Beloveds are everywhere.  I love you. #resiliencewarriors.jpg

Wilderness Risk Management Conference

How do I measure for resilience?

As with any wilderness, I venture into various landscapes and test my awareness and skills.  Every time I strengthen and learn more.  The Resilience Guild houses an online working collection of my resilience games for your personal use.   You are an invited guest.  In return, if something happens, tell me a story....


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Lorca Smetana Guild

Learning & Support

Endurance is not resilience.  You know this because, unlike endurance, in any situation resilience looks like ease and it tastes like freedom.   Be curious.  Ask all the questions.  

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TEDx Bozeman

Lorca's TEDX Talk:
A Hunger for Joy

For the Love of Climbing.png

Lorca joins Kathy Karlo within the deep humanity of the For the Love of Climbing Podcast.

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