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9/11 Memorial and Tolerance Releases

Sirius in flight

This weekend, weather permitting, I am going to release my flock of white doves at two public events — the first one at 7:30 am on Saturday at the Central Valley Fire Department in Belgrade, releasing 21 doves to honor and remember all who died in the attacks on September 11th nine years ago. The second release will be at 2:00 on Sunday in front of the Bozeman Public Library as part of an event supporting tolerance and diversity sponsored by the Gallatin Valley Interfaith Association and to the Gallatin Valley Human Rights Council. This second event was planned in direct response to the Koran burning plans by the congregation in Gainsborough, FL planned for 9/11 and also to the growing fear and anger directed at Muslim communities in the United States, including incidents here in Bozeman. I hope you join us at one or both of these events. I will also be a part of a national effort called White Wings Over America, sponsored by our national white dove releasers’ organization. We will be releasing over 3000 white doves simultaneously across the nation at 12:00 noon EDT on 9/11/10. For more information please visit

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