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Professional Services

Resilient people consistently exhibit natural leadership qualities.

Self-leadership is felt in any level of an organization, in streamlined thinking and in expansive communication skills that minimize the delay of difficult decisions and conversations. In a nutshell, I help people feel clear, then stronger, then safe, then creative. In this work, we decrease the fragility of an organization under stress.


Companies experiencing unexpected rapid growth, adapting to significant change or working through staffing struggles benefit from working with me.

I am pleased to provide a limited number of group and individual engagements for Resilience Coaching, Executive Coaching, Corporate Retreats, Programming for Educational Institutions and more. Please inquire below for availability.

  • Developing Meaningful Communication

  • Strengthening Company Culture

  • Burnout Prevention and Recovery

  • Active Resilience Mapping

  • Feeding Natural Leadership

  • Building from Tragedy

  • Cultivating a Vibrant Corporate Culture

  • Improving Communication

  • Designing a Culture of Innovation

  • Real Self Compassion and Self Care

Professional Services

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Current Programs

Whether you need a gentle guide or fully immersive support, there is a program to help you.

Both group and individual opportunities are available. Please read more below - if you're not sure what's right for you, I'd love to be in touch. Click here to schedule a complimentary discovery call with me.

One Day, In-Person Farm Retreat

Resilience doesn't exist without you. Join me for a special day, at my farm.

We will use this itinerary as a guide, and will be flexible to spend time where and when you need.

  • 9 AM: We start at my farm

  • Tarn practice: I will take you through the Tarn, my custom tool to help you determine where you are, where you're going, and where you want to be

  • 12 PM: Farm lunch, with seasonal offerings from my farm

  • After Lunch: Nature walk with time to sketch, take notes and enjoy the farm animals we will meet along the way

  • 1:1 Sessions: We will focus on reframing your future

  • Alone Time

  • 5 PM: End of Retreat

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Resilience Masters Cohort

What nothing else is giving you -- a deep exploration of skills that bring forth a richly generative life.  Leadership, resilience, and wisdom are mobilized here in a special team.

This is a magical cohort - intimate, astonishing, fun and challenging. We move deeper and faster along your own resilience and leadership path. Power is the speed at which wanted change happens...


Here's the path.

Current Programs

Women's Executive Coaching

Burnout, imposter syndrome, gender bias, work-life balance - these challenges can hinder the professional growth and success of women executives.

My targeted 1:1 resilient leadership coaching focuses on the pain points that women in senior executive roles experience. 


Join me on a path to resilience leadership you didn't even know you needed.

Individual engagements start at 4 months in duration. Group coaching is available upon request.

Private Resilience Coaching

Leaders, creatives, athletes and entrepreneurs  who want support and structure, hope and relief and a new way of being and working -

this is for you.


In an uncertain world, I have my radar up for those people and businesses who are navigating with energy, joy, and vision even as their path unfolds before them.

Join me to forge your

resilient path forward.

You don't have to walk it alone.

Individual engagements start at 4 months in duration.

Intensive Resilience Immersion -

Full Day Retreat

Burnout is reversible.

Boosting the overall health of our own ecosystem is an act of power into all that matters most.  Resilience and natural leadership organically feed each other.


This work is the making of a single day as a gift that echoes forward literally through years, and through all you love.  

1:1 Resilience Coaching

For those who need a little help, once in a while, this is for you.

Simply book 60 minute 1:1 session online and we can cover anything you’d like - and I’ll give you homework you will love.


You will immediately feel focused and lighter, I promise.


Corporate Resilience Training

An organization is an ecosystem,

where every element shifts overall health.


In an era of rapid change, the intelligent leader designs for flexibility, resilience, and innovation, both of structure and in people. In corporate resilience training, I work with both parts so that they support each other.


I am pleased to offer in-person and virtual support for Corporate Resilience Training.

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Resilience in Education Workshop

Building resilience in schools is crucial to ensuring a happy and engaging experience for teachers, students, parents, and school administrators. Recent years have been particularly challenging for schools to provide the support and network students need to thrive. According to a recent Gallup poll, teachers are experiencing burnout at an unprecedented rate. Students are struggling to return to pre-pandemic learning levels, parents are challenged to support their children, and school administrators are left trying to balance an often unmanageable workload.

The Resilience in Education Workshop is interactive and engaged, giving teachers the time to experience the tools they will teach. Participants will be given tools to teach students awareness and calm, learn a mental model for assessing their own resilience and calm and clarify their own goals for their students' experiences of personal serenity for optimal openness and learning. Teachers will engage in group discussions and individual reflection exercises as they explore tools for feeling resilient and calm.

Training with Lorca is both relaxing and fun.  Each workshop is 3 hours in duration and is available both in-person and online. 

Lorca Smetana is an expert in resilience thinking and post-traumatic growth -- a gifted speaker, experienced resilience coach and mentor who helps students and professionals in high-stress lives short-circuit burnout, expand resilience skills and grow as survivors into leaders.

Lorca Smetana

Lorca Smetana is a thoughtful, insightful, and patient facilitator of resilience training. She listens very carefully and asks the right questions to stimulate participants’ thinking about their own stories, identity, and path."

- Alison Harmon, Interim Vice President of Research & Economic Development, Montana State University


“Lorca traces the contours of our lives and helps us recognize the beauty of the deep canyons, the power of how to run fleet footed with the fears for a moment, and then the way to take the strength from running and offer it to our communities as a gift. Our leadership is needed, now more than ever, and Lorca floats the tools we need to to surface so that our work becomes effortless.”


“Lorca is remarkable in her ability to work with educators to create a dynamic where they feel safe working with each other and within themselves. Because teachers can often give themselves to the point where they leave their profession, she trained our staffs in understanding how caring for themselves is caring for their careers.”


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Work with Lorca

Email Lorca or schedule a call to connect about speaking engagements.

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