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With our lives.


Aimlessness and loss compound each other.

Perhaps you’re lying in bed at night worrying about tomorrow or next week, wishing you could sleep instead of worry. Or you wonder when you stopped loving exactly who you are – lit up by your dreams and desires for your life and the world – and you want to find YOU again (and you don’t know how to get there from here.)  

Or maybe there’s a longing to be inspired in your career and you can’t see what there is to be done.  Your life is feeling more bound by the impossible than the possible.  Your life isn’t serving you, nor the memory of those you cherished.

If this is you, click the link to schedule your complimentary 30-minute Get Acquainted Consultation today and find out the paths to break free of  the patterns that have been holding you prisoner for too long.   

You can feel more at home in your skin, closer to those who matter, more creatively confident, and peaceful in the path you are on.  A life of calm purpose, open to love, in unique service.

Start by asking yourself if this is what you want.  If your heart says YES, reach out to me and let me know that you are ready to open to what is truly possible, and to let go of the costs of sleeplessness, frustration and purposelessness.

Today’s the day to change all that.

Click here to stop fighting it all alone.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you make.

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“Working one-on-one, Lorca is my secret stash of compassion and creativity and humor and hope, always there to tap into.  I know my dreams and projects aren’t going to be derailed just because inside I’m distracted or overwhelmed or pulled away by the needs of the people around me.   Thanks to her personal coaching I’m already living inside dreams that used to live in ‘someday’.  And everyone around me is happier.”

Keri L., VIP Day Retreat and Resilience Coaching Graduate 

Teaching is about information and understanding.

Coaching, however, is for intuition and implementation. 

Here’s a 2-minute video if you’re all about firing up creativity and implementing what feeds your life!

How much creativity could your life stand?

Ray Bradbury said, “I have never had a dry spell in my life, mainly because I feed myself well, to the point of bursting.  I wake early and hear my morning voices leaping around in my head like jumping beans.  I get out of bed to trap them before they escape.”

We have a tendency to see creativity as being in play for making art.  And it is.  But creative impulse that is stuffed away is not benign, but haunts us and gradually taints the rest of our life, however successful it seems.

That book.  That instrument.  That canvas.  That garden.

But it is also how we cook, what we grow, how we parent,  how we work, how we communicate, how we feed ourselves on every level.  It’s not a measured dose that we were each ladled out at birth but an upwelling in play every minute of every day.  Feel around in yourself for it.

You can feel it.

If you ask it it will be happy to tell you what it wants you to do.  What would it be like to live with it as a firehose, to know how to turn it higher?

When was the last time you leapt out of your bed to trap the astonishing flow from inside?

Really, when?

What does it take?  Creativity is resilience is creativity, is resilience.   We prime that pump, or we throw that energy away, and that’s what we regret when we die.  It comes to this.

This week you can sign up with me at a terrific introductory price for a 1:1 hour-long Ignite your Creativity private coaching session to dig out where you stopped listening to that voice, and then make your clear action plan for your spring life in full play.   You’ll gain a better understanding of where you say no to yourself in the rest of your life, and you’ll know what to do next.  

To be insanely effective and sustainable at work, you don’t have to be getting your creativity and joy there.  

But you better be getting it from somewhere.



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luminations noun, plural.  1. Gleams, glimmers, perspectives, clarity.  See also, dawn, morning, simplicity, resilience, work, love, home.  2.  A series of short videos by Lorca Smetana…

Inspiration for when all the little things are weighing you down…

Don’t leave your resilience growth to chance and luck.  Feed being the flame starting this new year by signing up now for one of our online classes to be the parent and health practitioner you want to be:

Resilient Practitioners

Amazing Parents – Amazing Kids

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