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A Hunger for Joy — Lorca’s TEDx

I found when I had told this story here that I had never told it before — not like this.  We find the opening when what needs to be talked of is a stronger voice than that of our own hesitation.  There is a special kind of work that occurs at the intersection of courage and vulnerability.  I spoke from that place here.

Lorca Smetana found herself a survivor in the aftershock of one of the worst climbing accidents in the history of this country. For 33 years, she has been giving herself to resilience and compassion – adding light in every direction. And the daily return arrives in gift after gift of joy. Lorca Smetana is fiercely for resilience, for feeding the human capacity to recover, sustain and build new growth and health from crisis, change and burnout. As a resilience teacher and coach for students, businesses and communities she has worked with educators, emergency responders, medical personnel, cancer support, death workers and caregivers to make each stronger and happier. She is known in the community through teaching at Montana State University, through her multiple presentations as a Pecha Kucha Bozeman speaker and other keynotes, her work with the Mountains of Courage conference on death & dying, her buoyant and thought-provoking community resilience games and her large flock of white homing doves who fly for the valley’s memorials and celebrations. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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