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Survivors, Creativity and Leadership presentation at the Bozeman Public Library

Lorca Smetana

From Chaos to Beauty: Survivors, Creativity and Leadership

Brown Bag Lunch Presentation at the

Bozeman Public Library

Community Room

Wednesday, May 29 at 12:00 noon


Please join us at noon, Wednesday 29th in the Community Room of the Bozeman Public Library for a presentation by Lorca Smetana of A Dove Above Montana. “We are surrounded by survivors in every community, people who have moved through trauma or pain, drawing from themselves deeper resources of strength, creativity and meaning than they had ever needed before. Live media connection with traumatic events such as the Twin Towers, Columbine, Newtown and Boston creates us all as a nation of survivors. How do we support and beautifully re-define ourselves, our community members and the young people involved who will be building lives on the meanings created each time?”

Interactive and fun, Lorca is an inspiring speaker, storyteller and leadership coach working with people who are transforming their identities from victim or survivor to leader and artist. She works with schools and communities and leads retreats and workshops. Using her own life experience, she gives courageous voice to the processes of grieving, creating a new story, and building something powerful on the depth of that base. She holds an MA in International Studies and is a sustainable farmer and entrepreneur in Bozeman, Montana.

This event is free and open to the public! We hope you can join us.

For more information contact Lorca Smetana at 406-581-1522.


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