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Think you’re nervous? Try on gleeful.

Nervousness and unease stop me. Glee takes me out there. The physical experience of fear — muscle tension, heightened awareness, shallow breathing and so on — and the physical experience of glee, are almost identical. So now I ask myself, “Where in my days was I experiencing some excitement but mis-identified it as fear and so backed off, turned away, told myself, “not ready yet”, told myself, “later”? And then never went back. What is available to me if I were to play in this playground?

There is HUGE power accessible through this observation, through raising my personal antenna for the experience of the symptoms and then Acting As If what is showing up is glee about what is going to be available to me through this next action. Call up someone I’ve respected forever and ask for a conversation? Sure! Write a letter explaining why I will not be supporting someone’s platform? Sure! Reaching out with an apology for something long past and that has probably haunted me more than its recipient? Sure! Entertain the possibility of forgiving a hurt I have been clutching to me like a blanket over years? Sure! Create a happening that takes place in 14 cities on five continents over the course of a day? Start a foundation? Talk to an angry person on the street? Sure! Heart rate up? Feel it in my spine? Need to take a couple of deep breaths? Sure! Hey folks — that’s glee.

Use your judgment, sure. But ask yourself what’s available to you and waiting on the other side of your glee/fear. Some of the best of life in this world…

Try it today. You’ll like it…



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