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Thank you Julie Kleine and Montana Parent Magazine for celebrating local women leaders for International Women’s Day in their latest issue! You can view the article here on p. 47 in the March 2019 issue or in the image below.

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I found when I had told this story here that I had never told it before — not like this.  We find the opening when what needs to be talked of is a stronger voice than that of our own hesitation.  There is a special kind of work that occurs at the intersection of courage and vulnerability.  I spoke from that place here.

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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The Why of Glasses

I missed my glasses.

Folly to mourn healing of the cranium, the return of equilibrium in the timing of an eye’s focus, no more headaches.  No need.

But I missed them over and over, magic blue glasses. Instant focus not of the eyes but of the mind. Perched on my head top announcing my greatest strength and weakness: you read too much. Sexy glasses for looking through and under and over. Sat-on, slept-in, dropped, re-bent, lost and found. Scholar’s badge along with the inky fingers, thesis knee and the dent in the side of the first joint of the middle right finger.

I wanted them back, silent messengers.

They said, “I’m reading.” They said, “Quiet.” “This is serious,” they said, “Come back later.”

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