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Resilience Loves...Change

"I do, and not just a little. And it’s not an admiring or abstract love, or comfortable, but rather a sometimes tempestuous and inescapable connection, where we cannot live without each other. Because let us be very clear — where Change is not, I am not. Resilience does not exist in the absence of Change, or growth, or transformation. And too, Change without Resilience rapidly moves through fragility into entropy, a grey fog where everything has melded into everything else or broken into a million tiny fragments. Change and Resilience together have created all forms that exist today. When we are together I am sailing, inventing, needed, real, beloved. When we are together Change doesn’t explode, or implode. Change can be annoying, persistent, and maddening, and so can I, but we have known each other our whole lives, and when I look at what we make together, I’m all in. We are needed in all things. And I will never be alone.” * * * * * *

Therefore, beloved, imagine Change anew as a disturbingly attractive human who’s been trying to get you to take them seriously as a partner for a while now. Give them a chance. Go on a date. Ask what they want, what they’d love the two of you t

o be. What can exist in the world if you stop fighting, and surrender?

“People who want clearly are dangerous to the status quo. They are natural catalysts. Things will change around them.”

Stay the course, dearests.


"When we are together, I am my whole self, open to possibility and change, expansive in my thinking and behavior. I am curious, at play, self-examining in a tender and nurturing way, compassionate towards myself, others, and the world around me. In sum, the sense of vibrant possibility shimmers around our encounters and assignments." - Mary McIntyre, international outdoor writer and photographer

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