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Resilience Loves...Natural Leadership

Resilience capacity feeds natural leadership…feeds resilience…feeds natural leadership…feeds resilience…now you get it.

“I do love natural leadership, my darlings. With added health, it is the natural flowering of someone who has been the victim of something hard and doesn’t stop there. It is evidence of humility, courage, clarity and joy. Because this is how it works:

When you have been through something hard, you know what is and isn’t important any more. Your deck is briefly cleared of so much that is petty or dramatic or inessential. You simply don’t have the bandwidth for it. And either you go back to what you were, or you keep that clearing. With added health, a victim becomes a survivor, becomes a leader.

And you become beautiful. The singer/poet Henry Rollins said “Girls aren’t beautiful, they’re pretty. Beautiful is too heavy a word to assign to a girl. Women are beautiful because their faces show that they have lost something…and gained something else.”

And so this is the beauty I see and love in you and want to feed more. Where you lost distraction and vanity, and gained clarity and humility and became fire. I don’t think there’s a better definition of natural leadership than that. Like everyone else, when I sense this, I follow you where you lead. It is possible to hold this space without having experienced loss. But it is not possible to hold ego and stay a natural leader.

And ego is not necessary. This is an adventure, where you are both delighted and deeply needed.


With love…”

“Resilient people consistently exhibit natural leadership qualities.”

I didn’t start out teaching leadership. I started teaching resilience mastery, and do you know what my students did with those tools? They healed and then they lead, consistently. They transformed family dynamics, they changed culture, they started and blossomed organizations, they changed what it is to be someone in their field. They are shooting stars through the firmament and the people around them don’t know how they did it but they see the clarity and the magnetism and they feel the power and the fire and the flowering. Now I teach these same tools to all ages, all ranks, all roles.

Because what heals this world will not be just people at the top. It will be that there are enough people who can live without getting in their own way, who can dance with ego, who are awesomely, inventively generous in their own ways and who collaborate across lines. And these, they will have no regrets.

Stay the course, dearests.


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