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Resilience Myth #3: The Awesome Work Ethic

In the last post, we looked at the resilience Myth #2:  “I’ll evade burnout with careful time management.”

So stop and think for a moment about what an amazing (and sustainable) weekly* calendar would look like when you opened it in the morning.  For me?  Here are a few key indicators of a damn good life that can stay that way:

  1. There is space around the things on it. — What does a spacious life look and feel like?  (pretty awesome, really.)

  2. Many time blocks are big. — There is time to dive deep in between the getting in and climbing out.

  3. There are multiple sections in purple — purple designating ‘Lorca-feeding’ activities — movement, creature time, Making Things, friendships, design, solitude — things that might show up as “useless and essential”.  Requests by others for these blocks of time get a short, polite and standard response: “I’m busy right then.”

*Why weekly?  Visit the deliciously disruptive thinking of Laura Vanderkam in her 168 Hours.  Love Laura Vanderkam.

And…on to Resilience Myth #3.  “I’ll evade burnout using my awesome work ethic.”

A solid work ethic, well harnessed…

If you are the happy owner of an awesome work ethic, rock it.  But many of my favorite burned out clients are.  Your work ethic will take you far, far, far but it doesn’t have good judgment, doesn’t listen if you’re not happy, doesn’t know when to stop, and doesn’t care if it takes you right down into the ground.  It’s a great fuel when you are very clear about where you want to be but you better be damn sure you haven’t given it the keys to the boat if you’re kind of vague on that subject.  What will save you here are regular check-ins to keep your work ethic aligned with what you are doing to create your own unique extraordinary normal life.  And if you have one of these powerhouses you need to be twice as sure of your resource and energy intake on all fronts, because your outlet is a fire hose open full.  Sustainable by itself?  No not.

Resilience Myth #4 coming up!:   “I’ll evade burnout because I have good willpower.”

Where has a runaway work ethic taken you?  Comment below!


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