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The Why of Glasses

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The Why of Glasses

I missed my glasses.

Folly to mourn healing of the cranium, the return of equilibrium in the timing of an eye’s focus, no more headaches.  No need.

But I missed them over and over, magic blue glasses. Instant focus not of the eyes but of the mind. Perched on my head top announcing my greatest strength and weakness: you read too much. Sexy glasses for looking through and under and over. Sat-on, slept-in, dropped, re-bent, lost and found. Scholar’s badge along with the inky fingers, thesis knee and the dent in the side of the first joint of the middle right finger.

I wanted them back, silent messengers.

They said, “I’m reading.” They said, “Quiet.” “This is serious,” they said, “Come back later.”


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